Biblical Holidays – A very practical guide to celebrating the feasts of the Lord

International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem – Great source of support for Israel

Mission Huntsville – A local city reaching initiative in Huntsville Alabama

Ezekiel's Temple – Scale model of Ezekiel's vision of a future temple

Hebraic Center – A Hebraic Model for Christian Education Online


The God Contracts, by Robert "Bob" Somerville (contact us about purchasing options):

The God Contracts is a detailed review of the seven major covenants (or contracts) identified in Holy Scripture and the heroic men with whom God made them. The Kingdom of God established on an eternal earth is the thread of truth that runs consistently through the fabric of each of these eternal covenants. The content of each contract and the impact that each has on the nature of humanity's eternal destiny is explored. Most important, each of these covenants is examined theologically from a Christ-centered perspective, since the New Covenant is in fact the sum of (not separate from) all the covenants. Finally, this book will give you a glimpse of the very nature of life as it will be lived in the millennial kingdom and on into the eternal earth.

A Family Guide to the Biblical Holidays, by Robin Scarlata and Linda Pierce

Our Father Abraham The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith, by Marvin Wilson